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akupunktör i Uppsala

Rundelsgränd 2a

Please contact me via phone or email to book an appointment. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Initial appointments will be approximately 75 minutes where as follow-up appointments will last between 60-70 minutes.

Acupuncture treatment including herbal consultation:
Price: 670 sek

Herbal consultation only:
Price: 350 sek

Office Location:   Rundelsgränd 2a
753 12 Uppsala

Contact information

You may reach me directly at my mobile number 070 303 56 39, or send me an email at elise@inrebalansakupunktur.se

I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Be well, always.


Office location

All photos may be found on www.flickr.com. Original jpg numbers are referenced.


  1. Japanese garden by Moyan Brenn: 8648969720_d7c53e4cb3_o.jpg
  2. Payette lake by Charles Knowles: 8226273930_ef5323f203_o.jpg


  1. Japanese garden by Moyan Brenn: 8648969720_d7c53e4cb3_o.jpg
  2. Payette lake by Charles Knowles: 8226273930_ef5323f203_o.jpg


  1. Green bamboo by Luan Ahn: 15723813830_b65b9d12eb_o.jpg
  2. Lush Stream by Moyan Brenn: 7171667985_dee9c7382b_o.jpg


  1. Black and white Lotus Patrice Calatayu: 19208158980_2e8d89f06e_o.jpg
  2. Black and white with pink lotus by Cathy Labudak: 18240471242_b090b17e09_o.jpg

Om TKM/About TCM

  1. Green Aurora Borealis by Moyan Brenn: 9687226902_2085763603_o.jpg
  2. Blue green bamboo by Martin Abegglen: 4189402903_731b42ece0_o.jpg
  3. Bluebell forest by Luke Andrew Scowen: 3495934779_c21b346e01_o.jpg
  4. Japanese tree by Moyan Brenn: 8679388225_10acc576d1_o.jpg
  5. Birch forest by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho: 4233818813_8d1c37732c_o.jpg
  6. Bokeh Dandelion by Nicholas Raymond: 13734221225_5b159e75d5_o.jpg


  1. California wildflower Watch 09 by Simon Sun: 3372362260_07d12f0610_o.jpg
  2. Blue Wildflowers by TDLucas5000: 14193296933_b5a25ff98f_o.jpg
  3. Wildflowers in the desert by Raymond Shobe: 2327500401_e793a6f3e9_o.jpg
  4. Wildflower in HDR by David J Laporte: 2785321911_12c50abfb4_o.jpg
  5. Yorkshire photo walks, Wildflowers Meadow Photo walk: 14292367848_f4c715a6c9_o.jpg
  6. River Stone and Wildflowers by Kellar Wilson: 19276468972_762abdbc3f_o.jpg
  7. White Wildflowers by Sheila Brown: 8309226308_78103e5f90_o.jpg
  8. Wildflowers Table Mountain 2014 by Ray Bouknight: 13438799903_1427d74b9f_o.jpg
  9. Cream Cup bouquet by TDLucas5000: 16317354013_b4d29dba35_o.jpg
  10. Wildflowers & Butterfly by Chad Sparkes: 14371904150_1d8d888bea_o.jpg
  11. Wildflowers & Butterfly by Chad Sparkes: 14579901324_37a3723e0d_o.jpg
  12. Shenks Ferry by Nicholas A Tonelli: 7034182279_ea4d694e05_o.jpg

Vad kan behandlas/TCM treats

  1. Green lotus by maf04: 17090003781_a602e48087_o.jpg
  2. Pink-red lotus by Roshan Nikam: 2456863850_c662845f20_o.jpg
  3. Pink lotus with bee by somewhereinlife: 15388431726_a941d44d49_o.jpg
  4. Purple lotus by O Palsson: 6282567763_5d9da5dd45_o.jpg

Örtmedicin/Herbal Medicine

  1. Geranium robertianum herb by Randi Hausken: 2719193871_87c5ed1b8f_o.jpg
  2. Herb plate by Sonny Abesamis: 17205756901_d9f25efc7e_o1.jpg