0703-035639 elise@inrebalansakupunktur.se
akupunktör i Uppsala

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 10 B

Please contact me via phone or email to book an appointment. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Initial appointments will be approximately 75 minutes where as follow-up appointments will last between 60-70 minutes.

Acupuncture treatment including herbal consultation:
Price: 670 sek

Herbal consultation only:
Price: 350 sek

Office Location:   Dag Hammarskjölds väg 10 B, 4th Floor
751 83 Uppsala

The office is located in the Uppsala Science Park.

Contact information

You may reach me directly at my mobile number 070 303 56 39, or send me an email at elise@inrebalansakupunktur.se

I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Be well, always.



Office location

All photos may be found on www.flickr.com. Original jpg numbers are referenced.


  1. Japanese garden by Moyan Brenn: 8648969720_d7c53e4cb3_o.jpg
  2. Payette lake by Charles Knowles: 8226273930_ef5323f203_o.jpg


  1. Japanese garden by Moyan Brenn: 8648969720_d7c53e4cb3_o.jpg
  2. Payette lake by Charles Knowles: 8226273930_ef5323f203_o.jpg


  1. Green bamboo by Luan Ahn: 15723813830_b65b9d12eb_o.jpg
  2. Lush Stream by Moyan Brenn: 7171667985_dee9c7382b_o.jpg


  1. Black and white Lotus Patrice Calatayu: 19208158980_2e8d89f06e_o.jpg
  2. Black and white with pink lotus by Cathy Labudak: 18240471242_b090b17e09_o.jpg

Om TKM/About TCM

  1. Green Aurora Borealis by Moyan Brenn: 9687226902_2085763603_o.jpg
  2. Blue green bamboo by Martin Abegglen: 4189402903_731b42ece0_o.jpg
  3. Bluebell forest by Luke Andrew Scowen: 3495934779_c21b346e01_o.jpg
  4. Japanese tree by Moyan Brenn: 8679388225_10acc576d1_o.jpg
  5. Birch forest by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho: 4233818813_8d1c37732c_o.jpg
  6. Bokeh Dandelion by Nicholas Raymond: 13734221225_5b159e75d5_o.jpg


  1. California wildflower Watch 09 by Simon Sun: 3372362260_07d12f0610_o.jpg
  2. Blue Wildflowers by TDLucas5000: 14193296933_b5a25ff98f_o.jpg
  3. Wildflowers in the desert by Raymond Shobe: 2327500401_e793a6f3e9_o.jpg
  4. Wildflower in HDR by David J Laporte: 2785321911_12c50abfb4_o.jpg
  5. Yorkshire photo walks, Wildflowers Meadow Photo walk: 14292367848_f4c715a6c9_o.jpg
  6. River Stone and Wildflowers by Kellar Wilson: 19276468972_762abdbc3f_o.jpg
  7. White Wildflowers by Sheila Brown: 8309226308_78103e5f90_o.jpg
  8. Wildflowers Table Mountain 2014 by Ray Bouknight: 13438799903_1427d74b9f_o.jpg
  9. Cream Cup bouquet by TDLucas5000: 16317354013_b4d29dba35_o.jpg
  10. Wildflowers & Butterfly by Chad Sparkes: 14371904150_1d8d888bea_o.jpg
  11. Wildflowers & Butterfly by Chad Sparkes: 14579901324_37a3723e0d_o.jpg
  12. Shenks Ferry by Nicholas A Tonelli: 7034182279_ea4d694e05_o.jpg

Vad kan behandlas/TCM treats

  1. Green lotus by maf04: 17090003781_a602e48087_o.jpg
  2. Pink-red lotus by Roshan Nikam: 2456863850_c662845f20_o.jpg
  3. Pink lotus with bee by somewhereinlife: 15388431726_a941d44d49_o.jpg
  4. Purple lotus by O Palsson: 6282567763_5d9da5dd45_o.jpg

Örtmedicin/Herbal Medicine

  1. Geranium robertianum herb by Randi Hausken: 2719193871_87c5ed1b8f_o.jpg
  2. Herb plate by Sonny Abesamis: 17205756901_d9f25efc7e_o1.jpg